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Discover the culinary range of nova caeli for your business catering. Our sample menus are carefully put together to suit different tastes and occasions. Whether you opt for classic business lunches, creative finger food variations or sophisticated buffets - nova caeli stands for quality and flexibility. All menus can be customized according to your individual ideas, be it in terms of ingredients, dietary preferences or special requests from your guests.

Prices? Nothing off the peg, every catering is unique. We give rough minimum values, but are available for individual discussions to fulfill your culinary wishes within your budget. All prices are net plus the currently applicable VAT.

Let's create something culinary together that will exceed your expectations!

An outstanding menu that pampers the palate during a strenuous day of meetings - something warm in between so that you can get started again afterwards




Salad bowl as a starter or side dish

Base of colorful leaf salads with various dressings and toppings: for example, fruits, nuts, colorful peppers, tuna, onions, feta, bacon

Plus fresh bread or sandwiches

Main course

chopped chicken

“Zurich style” with spaetzle

Dessert (in a glass)

Chocolate tartlets

With salted caramel and vanilla sauce
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