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At nova caeli, we conjure up flavour experiences that will make your taste buds dance. Our menu examples are flashes of culinary inspiration, but your ideas are our inspiration. There are no limits to your wishes - whether special experiences, allergies or unusual ideas. Your taste buds are the boss, we are here to spoil them.

Prices? Nothing off the peg, every catering is unique. We give rough minimum values, but are available for individual discussions to fulfil your culinary wishes within your budget. All prices are net plus the currently applicable VAT.

Let's create something culinary together that will exceed your expectations!

Our proposal for a tight budget offers a selection of 3 refreshing salads, accompanied by 2 savoury main courses and rounded off with a tempting dessert variation. Without the additional costs for staff, logistics and tabletop, you can enjoy an exquisite buffet that will delight your guests from around €25 per person.





Potato salad

With vinaigrette, sweet mustard, braised onions and bacon, or with mayonnaise, egg and gherkin


Green bean salad

With cream sauce, onions and savoury


Leaf salad DIY station

With various toppings and dressings dressings





Stroganoff of beef rump

With a strong dark gravy, peppers, onions and mushrooms


Roasted Hokkaido pumpkin

With honey and walnuts




Mashed potatoes


Seasonal market vegetables





Vanilla mousse

With chocolate sauce
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