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Restaurant Mahlzeit


Restaurant wanted for nova caeli!

We are keen to showcase our skills at a permanent venue to create even more culinary magic. We are currently looking for THE location on the Lower Rhine that reflects our passion for good food and unforgettable events.


We know how much you love to feast on location. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, but we are putting all our energy into making it possible. Stay tuned, as soon as we have found something, we will announce it here.


If you have any insider tips for potential locations, we're all ears. Whether it's restaurants that could become a catering masterpiece or premises that are just waiting to be filled with culinary life by nova caeli. Perhaps there are old canteens that are crying out for a modern transformation?


Let us know - we are grateful for any tips and are always ready to embark on new culinary adventures.

So, stay hungry, stay curious, and stay tuned for exciting news from nova caeli!

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